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2. Textbook sales/rentals

Why Rent College Textbooks

With the increasing cost of higher education, textbooks have become a costly expense for most college students. However, they should not despair since there are lots of options for finding amazing deals on textbooks. Textbook rental services have become popular among college students since they allow them to significantly reduce what they spend on textbooks without affecting their educational experience. Also, so long as the students are responsible enough to return the books before the deadline, they never have to worry about selling them back at the end of each semester. In a nutshell, textbook rentals save students money, effort and time. Below are some reasons why renting textbooks is beneficial. Most students do not have the financial capacity to buy new textbooks at the beginning of every semester. Textbook rental systems come to the rescue for such students, since rather than buying new textbooks every semester, they can rent them for far less. By renting textbooks, students are able to save up to 90% of the money they’d have otherwise spent on new textbooks. This makes ordering textbooks for upcoming semesters not such a bad experience. Additionally, students can take advantage of coupons offered by textbook rental systems to even save more. Most textbook rental systems are very flexible and find ways to fit into schedules of students. View here

They achieve this flexibility by offering various rental options, with the most popular ones being short term, quarter semester and full semester. For instance, if you wish to take an eight week course during summer you can save money on textbooks by paying for the short term rental. Also, if you ever need to keep a book for longer than initially anticipated, there is always the option of extending your rental whenever you choose. Choosing to rent textbooks relieves students of the stress of depreciating buyback prices. Visit

The days of carrying textbooks across campus to local bookstores only to receive a fraction of what you paid for a book several months ago are long behind us. By renting textbooks every semester, you need not worry about any buyback hassles and the chances of receiving a small portion for the initial prices of a book. Returning rented textbooks after a rental period is over is relatively simple. Most textbook rental systems send students reminders when due dates for various books are approaching. Students can then print prepaid shipping labels and deliver the books to the nearest shipping store. As soon as the books are received by the textbook rental, they send a confirmation email to the student informing him/her of the receipt. Find out more on